Our Team

Kristen has always led an active life, swimming competitively for 15 years, playing water polo, snowboarding, and practicing yoga. Being the youngest of four girls, her parents wanted to teach her and her sisters the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and is now wanting to pass this along to her family.

Kristen participated in her first Stroller Strides class in January 2014, 16 weeks pregnant, and immediately knew it was what she had been missing. When the opportunity came up to study and train to be an instructor with FIT4MOM, she quickly took it as she wanted to be able to be home with her son (and almost daughter) and to pass the importance of exercise along to others. She taught both Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre with the Mid-Peninsula team for just over a year, and has built many lasting and supportive relationships for her and her children.

Believing in the foundation of what FIT4MOM is (building community, raising healthy children, empowering women, supporting one another, inspiring positive energy, etc...), she felt it time to bring FIT4MOM to Fremont, where she and her family resides. Kristen is thrilled to instruct moms of all fitness levels and to help build the amazing FIT4MOM community in Fremont!


Stephanie is a Military wife and a Mom of two beautiful girls, Avery who is five and Gwyn who is three. Fitness and overall health has always been a huge part of her family. Getting outside to camp, hike or just explore the surrounding area is something very important to her. She wants to lead by example for her daughters when it comes to fitness and Fit4Mom gives her the ability to do that.

Stephanie first joined the Fit4Mom family in 2012 when her oldest daughter was 9 months old. At the time she lived in the Oceanside, Ca area. There she was a member and playgroup captain for three years. She worked out all through her second pregnancy and credits surviving two deployments to the support of her Fit4Mom Village. The first thing she did when she found out where she was moving next was look up Fit4Mom locations, and luckily Fremont was opening shortly after her move. For her, Stroller Strides is a place that although the location may change the community and feeling of instant friendship does not.

In January 2016 Stephanie became a Stroller Strides instructor, this decision was one she had no idea would impact her on such personal level. For a stay at home mom of almost 5 years, becoming an instructor gave her a sense of purpose that she didn't realize that she was missing. She loves challenging herself and her clients and enjoys the interaction with moms and babies daily.


Jenny came to Stroller Strides the day we opened in April 2015. She was a first time mom and had just moved to the Niles area looking for ways to recover her fit body after childbirth and find a group of moms she felt comfortable with. She considers the Fit4Mom Village an answer to her prayers. Her son Willy, now 3, has grown up going to classes with mommy nearly every day. Jenny is proud that she can provide a place where he has a community of friends and mommies that workout together. Fitness and Nutrition have been a passion for Jenny throughout her life. From Jane Fonda aerobics videos in high school, to teaching large group fitness classes of all modalities at Ohio State, to becoming a top amateur NPC fitness competitor and personal trainer at the young age of 19. This anchored her expertise in performance nutrition and athletic training for the female physique. She is an expert in workout flow and biomechanics. She is dedicated to women, and helping them become more powerful, confident, athletic versions of themselves. Growing up extremely introverted and cautious, she credits teaching group fitness and coaching with becoming more confident and open. This was also true for her again when she became a mom and then found BodyBack to teach and reconnect her with her more confident athletic side.


Allie became a Fit4Mom member in November 2015 when her daughter, Cassidy, was 19 months old and she was 4 months pregnant with her son, William. She became a Stroller Strides instructor in October 2016. Fit4Mom is a perfect fit for Allie because she is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle, bonding with other moms and showing her children the importance of friendships and exercising. She looks forward to class everyday and being around all the amazing people.